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My name is Henrik Robeck and I'm an engineer with experience in several areas, and I also have a passion for photography. This is my place for sharing information about photography, cameras and history.

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This is the site I'm building to share information about the hobbies I have and what I like to learn more about.

You're welcome to take part of this site and reading more about photography and camera equipment and much more.

The picture on the left is taken in Stockholm.


My newest addition are some pages about my holiday on Crete, the island in the Mediterrenean.

The island was once thought to be the birth place of the god Zeus in the Greek mythology. 


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  • Picture album added


There is a new picture album added to my homepage.


If you're intrested in my pictures, please take a look by clicking on the button below. 



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  • Competion Car Show


    Last autumn there was a car exhibition called the Competion Car Show (Bilsportmässan in Swedish) in Älvsjö, the largest faire in Stockholm.

    I brought my camera to the show and started taking pictures...



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    • My home - Tyresö 


    I live in the beautiful county of Tyresö, Sweden. Sweden has a long history and was not so long ago a major European power.

    Tyresö lies close to the capitol of Sweden, Stockholm, and has an interesting history of its own.

    Water, forests and hilly terrain makes Tyresö a haven for photographers...


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    • Minolta cameras and lenses


    Japan has become the modern center for great camera equipment. One of the first companies in Japan to produce cameras was Minolta. The first camera made by Minolta was marketed in 1928...


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