Kriti (Crete) in the summer of 2006


The summer of 2006 I went to Crete in the Mediterranean to spend two lazy weeks in the sun.
And sun there was...

As I wanted to enjoy my vaccation in comfort, I chose the Creta Palace Hotel. Here are some of the pictures from the exterior.

Driveway seen from the entrance. The length of the driveway from the main road was more than a quarter mile.


The walkway into the bungalow area to the right of the entrance. 


View of the driveway from the lobby.



View of hotel from their private beach.


Seaside bungalows with ocean view, some where of two stories and a private courtyard.


The most luxurious of the bungalows had their own private pool, in all 9 bungalows.



Standard bungalows with partial or obscured sea view.


The main pool is a saltwater pool with a bar and childrens pool (one feet deep).



The fresh water pool close to the night club and amphitheater.

A second view of the fresh water pool, there is an indoor pool as well in the main building with the gym.


There was an amphitheater too. The picture is taken from the furthest point away from the main building within the hotel grounds, not counting the plant nursery for growing palm trees and other plants. You can make out the main building in the background.


The hotel had very nice walkways between the main building and adjacent areas. I was especially impressed by the clever use of trees for shade in several places, like the outdoor part of the restaurant.


The hotel had several stores for food, clothing, liqueurs, jewellers, etc as well as their own church on the hotel grounds.


The seaside corner of the hotel had an interesting and bold design.


Evening picture; sunset over the Mediterranean ocean and the hotel.


Then there are some pictures from the inside of the hotel... Or go directly to the city of Rethymnon.
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